We are a modern Medical Clinic

Hon’ble Chairman’s Message

At Bharat Engineering College, we are committed to creating an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity and excellence in our students. Our goal is to prepare young engineers and managers to face the challenges of intensifying competition with confidence and competence, with a high level of technical and managerial education, proper training and a wide demonstration of cutting-edge methods.

Our educational programs focus on holistic personality development as well as developing human values ​​and professional ethics that help our students become more humane and socially alive in order to live meaningful life.

Best wishes for the success of “Bharat” and for a bright future.

Hon’ble Principal’s Message

Due to the rapid social and technological changes taking place around us, there is a growing need for quality engineers who can think creatively, apply their intelligence to solve problems and create new designs and products for a constantly changing world. Our goal is to build highly competent technical professionals with a wide range of analytical, strategic and leadership skills capable of meeting the challenges of the technology world.

With the above objective in mind, we are taking various steps for construction. First we build a strong foundation for first year B.E, students and then provide various trainings to enable them to learn engineering courses. We make extensive use of information and communication technology to develop soft skills, life skills and technical skills and to make our students globally competitive.

We take special care and attention to make students from socially, economically and educationally backward classes highly capable technical professionals.
The college is committed to supporting and encouraging students with innovative ideas to start start-up companies, and now our students are receiving prizes and prize money in this regard.

Owing to the strides taken by our college in both curricular and extra-curricular activities, the college has gained a high reputation among the self-financing engineering colleges in Badlapur, Mumbai University.

Dean Academics Message

It is my pride to welcome you to Bharat Engineering College, Badlapur. Our goal is to be at the forefront of providing world-class education to undergraduate courses for the holistic development of students.

In the context of students being our main stakeholders, we expect a healthy working relationship where communication becomes the cornerstone of our understanding. We are open to your needs and not demands, and our focus will be on making you a versatile graduate of the market and a responsible citizen of this great country.

I assure you of the best academic, administrative and research environment on campus.

With best wishes